Beagle Training – How To Pick A Good Companion Beagle!

Now that you are thinking about getting a Beagle as a companion, you may be tempted to first look at some puppies and pick the one with the demeanor that you want. But here is a better tactic…try looking for a Beagle that enhances your personality. Look for a pet that is the picture of what you planned and that can bond with you. Age is not really a concern most of the time. beagles may have typical characteristics, but there are exceptions to all the rules. These tips can help you find a good companion Beagle.

Submissive or dominant?

Find a puppy or adult that has a personality that fits your own characteristics and your experience. If you have experience with more independent beagles, then a more dominant, independent Beagle may work for you. However, if you are not aggressive or are not used to working with beagles, a more submissive animal may be a better choice for you. When you are looking at puppies or small beagles, hold one and turn it over on its back. A dominant Beagle will fight you, trying to turn over right away. If it struggles, try to comfort it. If it settles down easily, it is more submissive. If it does not struggle at all, but just relaxes, you have a very submissive Beagle.

A Beagle to fit your personality

A Beagle that is fairly quiet and requires little care is better for you if you are more laid back and more sedative yourself. If you have an active life you may find that a more active, hyper Beagle is more your style. If you are gone much of the time and your Beagle would be kenneled during that time, you want to find one that is a little independent and will not suffer from separation anxiety.

You also want your companion Beagle to be intelligent and eager to please. This will help you teach it what you want it to know and it will want to learn the skills and perform them. If you are taking your Beagle out in public, you don’t want a fear biter or one that is aggressive to strangers. Naturally, this will come with effectively socializing the Beagle regularly, but the sharper Beagle will pick up cues from you when determining who the “bad guy” is and who is a friend.

Develop your own language

beagles can be excellent companions with the right personality type for your needs. Also, while many folks feel that only puppies can be trained, this is false. Many older beagles are rescued from dog pounds every day and they are trained quite easily. The key to getting a well behaved companion is bonding with it. When you have bonded with your Beagle, it will cater to your needs. They will want to anticipate what you want and will even try to find new ways to communicate with you. If you are discerning, you and your Beagle can come up with your own language, giving you a great companion.

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