Housetraining Puppy – Learn How to Stop Messes on Your Floor

All new dog owners will have to begin Housetraining puppy shortly after arriving home. Keep a positive attitude and don’t scold or hit your pup for making a mistake. Instead show them what you want them to do (if they are chewing on your shoes, give them a rawhide). Always keep a close eye on your puppy, the use of a crate can help.

Start Housetraining puppy the moment you arrive home. Begin by setting up a routine. Dog’s are creature of habit and learn very fast from routines. Make sure you stick to it, have a scheduled bedtime and wake time for your pup. Don’t allow them to free feed, feed their meals at the same time daily and take outside to potty about 20 minutes after meals.

The use of a crate can help to speed up Housetraining puppy. They are naturally den animals and will not soil their bedding if given plenty of opportunity to potty elsewhere. When you can not supervise your puppy put them in the crate, just don’t over use it. If you choose not to use a crate, when you are unable to supervise puppy they should be kept in a small confined area with newspapers on the floor. Don’t allow them free rein of the house until full house trained.

Keep in mind that Housetraining puppy takes a little patience and some accidents. If you happen to find an accident, just clean it up and don’t scold your puppy, this will only confuse them, instead take them out more often and keep a closer eye on them.

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